Bamboo and Cotton Malay Shirt

Simple and practical, this shirt has an irresistible touch of Southeast Asia. It makes a great addition to any Muslim man’s wardrobe, as it’s subtle without being overstated.

Pocketed Trousers

Whether you wear these flexible trousers for rough and tumble, or sitting crossed legged after prayer, you’ll appreciate the functional and comfy nature of these SHUKR favorites.

Pouch Pocket Trousers

If you’re looking for the perfect weekend trouser, look no further than our crisp Pouch Pocket Trousers. The relaxed fit, wide leg, and super roomy pockets make these a casual must-have in your wardrobe. Sharpen up the look with a crisp button-down or add one of our tunics for a perfect Jummah ensemble.

Hamza Thobe

Make a statement with this dashing and dignified thobe. A stylish take on our traditional galabiyyas, this piece adds an interesting and refined twist to your look. The contemporary cool detailing is just the thing you need for those comfortable and modest vibes.

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